Leaking Roof on your RV or Camper? You are not alone! This happens to almost everyone. Lucky for you we have the one time fix all solution, LINE-X!

We specialize in waterproof coating for Tent or Pop-Up trailers.  Unfortunately they have poorly made roofs, which have a tendency to leak over time.  The material they used begins to warp and crack over time, which causes water damage and is costly to fix.  If you are experiencing leaking of any kind through the fiberglass or other substrate, come and see if we can help make it waterproof again.  We have sprayed several tent trailers, successfully making them waterproof again without any additional work.  The best part was that we did this for less than half the price of a new roof!  That's thousands in savings.

Line-X is a great option for all of your recreational vehicles.  We have sprayed many roofs with Line-X which gives traction for you while you are walking and protects the roof from further damage. We can match the color that you are looking for, which is usually a lighter color to reflect the heat better.  It is also a great choice for any areas that get hit with rocks chips, bugs, mud, or high wear areas.  We can do custom work and make the RV look exactly how you want it to be.