It can be difficult to find helpful information regarding the Spray-On Bedliner process and the advantages a Spray-On Bedliner provide. LINE-X of Orange County has put together some helpful information to use as a guide when you are in the market for a spray-on bedliner. 

First let's look at the application process. Most Spray-On Bedliners are applied either by a high heat / high pressure application or a low heat / low pressure system. LINE-X is and always has been a high heat / high pressure application which is the absolute best application process available. Some of the competitors out there use a low heat / low pressure application. The high heat (about 140 degress) lowers the viscosity of the product which enables it to better penetrate the surface which renders superior adhesion. The high pressure (about 2,500 psi) does two things: It forces the product into the the surface for better adhesion and the final texture of the bedliner looks MUCH nicer than a low pressure product. The high pressure texture is more fine (as opposed to chunky / clumpy apperance of low pressure) and gives the bedliner a much more uniform look throughout. The low pressure texture is not uniform and looks "gooped on" or "chunky" , some will say it looks like cottage cheese. So why do dealers offer a low pressure product? Well first, low pressure products are less expensive and second, it's possible that the bedliner dealer can't afford the high pressure equipment, it's pretty expensive.  

Now let's talk about the bedliners base components. All tires are made of rubber, but tires can have very different physical properties because there are different rubber compounds. Some tires are soft (performance) and some tires are hard (truck/off road). Bedliners sort of work the same way, they have similar base components, but their physical properties can vary greatly. Most spray-on bedliners are either: 100% polyurethane, 100% polyurea, or a hybrid of both polyurethane and polyurea. The best product for spray-on truck bedliners is a hyrbid. Now, a hybrid may not be the best product for all applications, but for most truck bedliners, a hybrid is what you should buy, here's why: Both polyurethane and polyurea give the bedliner desirable properties. Polyurethane has two to three times the abrasion resistance of polyurea. Polyurea gives the bedliner a higher tear strength and higher temperature tolerance. The LINE-X Standard/Premium bedliners are a polyurethane/polyurea hybrid. LINE-X Pro/Platinum are 100% polyurea bedliners that combine strength and flexibilty to create a product with superior toughness, making it the next generation of Spray-On Bedliner performance. We recommend Pro/Platinum bedliners to our heavy duty use truck bedliner customers. Also we want you to be aware that there are high quality and low quality bedliner chemicals out there. Low quality cheaper bedliner chemicals won't cross-link well (causes the bedliner to be weak), won't adhere to the surface well, and will fade a lot faster. LINE-X uses only the highest quality chemicals. You cannot buy higher quality chemicals than what you get with LINE-X. The old cliche' "you get what you pay for" certainly applies here. 

Next we'd like to share with you information about the warranty of the LINE-X spray-on truck bedliner. Every LINE-X Spray-On Truck Bedliner comes standard with a Nationwide Lifetime warranty that's valid at any of the 400+ LINE-X locations. A LINE-X Spray-On Truck Bedliner is guranteed not to crack, bubble or flake for as long as you own your truck. In the unlikely event that the bedliner does crack, bubble or flake simply bring the truck, warranty certificate and the orignal receipt to the LINE-X that applied the bedliner for a full repair at no cost to you. If you are a considerable distance away from the orignal LINE-X applicator you can take the truck to any LINE-X location. An important difference regarding LINE-X warranties and the "warranties" our competitors can offer is that LINE-X has 400+ locations nationwide. If the "other guy" sells or closes you no longer have a warranty. 

Thickness is one way our competitors can offer a lower price on a spray-on truck bedliner. They spray less product in your truck, giving you a thiner liner that doesn't provide the protection needed. A thin bedliner is easier to gouge, add this to the cheaper product they use and you can be in for some real problems! With a LINE-X bedliner you are getting the industries highest quality materials and a thickness that is strictly regulated by franshise agreeements. Every LINE-X bedliner sprayed at LINE-X of Orange County passes an 8-point inspection on thickness prior to being completed. The required thickness on the floor of your LINE-X bedliner should be at least 125mils (about 1/8'') thick. This thickness gives you the impact protection you need when you are loading stuff in your bed. We have seen competitors bedliners that are as thin as 25mils (about 1-2 passes of product), this thin coating is easily gauged and chipped. Again, "you get what you pay for !"

When buying your next truck at the dealership ASK FOR LINE-X! Unfortunatley there are some dealerships that will buy the cheapest spray-on bedliner in order to maximize their profits when they re-sell it to you (shocking we know). Don't put money in their pockets by allowing the dealer to install an inferior spray-on bedliner in your expensive new truck! You can simply tell the dealer you are bringing the truck to LINE-X to get the bedliner done, or if they include the bedliner in the sale demand that they use LINE-X. If you don't see the LINE-X Warranty Tag in the bed you didn't get LINE-X. Need we say this?..but.... dealerships may not tell the "whole truth", it's not entirely their fault. Our competitors will tell them misinformation to get their business. Stuff like "it's just like LINE-X", "'s better than LINE-X", "..I used to work at LINE-X" are common gimmicks our competitors use to deceive Dealers and customers. It's great that everyone wants to be LINE-X, but only an authorized LINE-X dealer has LINE-X! We are they only authorized LINE-X in North Orange County. We have strong realationships with our dealerships and are very grateful for their business so in no way is this a slam towards them. There is always someone however that thinks they can "save a buck" or thinks "it's all the same". 

Lastly we would like to share with you our experience, on-going training and commitment to providing the highest quality bedliners and the best customer experience. LINE-X of Orange County has been in operation since 1999, and during that time we have sprayed over 30,000 truck bedliners. In early 2014 when the LINE-X corporate offices launched the Platiunum Standards of Service Program, LINE-X of Orange County was one of the very first franshise's to be named Platinum Certified. Platinum Certified franshises offer the highest quality of work, service, and customer experience. LINE-X of Orange County attends annual meetings where we recieve ongoing training on the latest techniques, advances in technology, and the newest products. In addition to annual meetings we consitantly strive to improve our customers experience by offering all the products  and accessories needed to complete their vehicle including the new truck accessory line TRUCK GEAR by LINE-X. 

After reading this you are hopefully more knowledgeable on Spray-On Truck Bedliners. We would like to thank our friends at LINE-X of West Fort Worth for orignally sharing some of this helpful information. We updated and added to it. Check out some of our most recent work here. Don't forget to Like us on Facebook. 

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