I have been noticing a lot of misinformation out there on message boards, forums, Facebook, etc. regarding spraying exteriors on vehicles. Not sure if this a deliberate attack by competitors or if people are really that uninformed about the process and it's results. So I have decided to put together a bit of info for people and hopefully it will make the rounds and clear some things up.

First: Check out our web page on this topic : http://linexoc.com/p-27167-customize-your-vehicle.html

Second: If you are posting on a forum that DIY kits are the way to go you obviously do not know what you are talking about. DIY bedliner customers come into my shop on a weekly biases and ask me how to fix thier mistakes on the DIY bedliner they did over the weekend with their buddy over a case of Coors. Put the numbers to work for a second. 1 Gallon of the DIY product costs around $100 which they say will do 1 Full Size Pick Up Bed. LINE-X uses around 5 gallons of product to spray a Full Size Pick Up Bed which costs $485. So just by the amount of product being used you are getting ripped off with the DIY stuff. This doesn't take into account your time and labor. Or the REAL FACT that the DIY product is completely and utterly inferior to LINE-X. Do I have to explain that we offer a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty? So with that in mind why on earth would you try and apply the DIY product to the exterior of your vehicle? It's like skipping the body shops paint job for spray paint cans.

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Third: Experience is everything on Exteriors. If the shop has never done an exterior job before I would use caution. This doesn't mean they will do a bad job necessarily, but once you get into it there is no going back. Over the years we have sprayed numerous vehicle exteriors and have become known as the go to shop in Southern California. Check out this article USA Today did on our shop : http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2013/07/28/line-x-rhino-coatings-bedliner/2588539/



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Fourth: You get what you pay for. This is so true in the automotive field, but more so when it comes to custom work like Exterior Coatings. Someone will always do it cheaper. We price are Exterior Coatings competitively but the more custom you want to get the more expensive the price. The possibilities with us are endless. If you are looking for something unique and done right come see us.


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Lastly here are some myths or incorrect statements I have come across with the corrections next to them.

"LINE-X will add like 500 lbs" - False, We spray exteriors around 65mils on average. At that thickness you achieve the tough coating you want and don't add a significant amount of weight. Less than 90 lbs on average for a full size vehicle completely sprayed. About as much weight as your cooler stocked with "sodas" and ice.

"LINE-X is to brittle and will chip" - False, LINE-X is the industry's toughest coating. The competitors products can be rubbery and soft which will allow for them to tear easily. Check out some of these videos of just how tough LINE-X is http://www.linex.com/pages/2010/bedliners/xperiments/

"LINE-X will fade" - False, We have the answer for fading and it is called LINE-X PREMIUM. Premium couples the abrasion and impact protection you already trust with the UV protection your vehicle needs to stay new-looking forever. LINE-X Xtra is our UV stable option for doing your vehicle in color.

"LINE-X is expensive" - False, When you consider we are doing as much work as what a paint shop would do as far as masking and removing parts from your vehicle. Than consider the durability of the product VS paint. We are cheaper than a paint job. Most exterior spray jobs fall between $3,500-$5,000.

"The LINE-X texture will be hard to clean... it will cause dirt to stick" - False, If you have a garden hose with a nozzle, or even no nozzle and cut the supply off with your thumb to create pressure you can clean the LINE-X Exterior. It's actually EASIER to clean as you will never have to wax it, or worry about water marks. Literally just hose it off and go.


If you are interested in getting your vehicle exterior sprayed we invite you to stop by our shop with the vehicle to get the best information. Or please give us a call at 714-744-8428 to get your intital questions answered.